I just love the outdoors and am at my happiest roaming & hiking in the  countryside. Its just good for the soul isnt it? I bring this love of the outdoors to my work and shoot mostly using natural light in beautiful locations.

Having a family of my own (2 girls aged 5 & 9) I am so aware of how precious it is to have pictures with the whole family together (I'm normally missing, as I'm the one taking them!). Taking the plunge to book a shoot, I know, can be daunting, but the result, I promise, will be well worth it.  

So let me take care of the details, help you feel prepared and confident about your shoot and let me create those connected family images which will truly make you smile. 

Do have a browse through my portfolio and see if you can spot the location.

About me

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Random Facts

1. I'm camera shy (well most photographers are, aren't they?!) 

2. I cant help jumping off mountains for fun (with a canopy

    overhead, obviously) 

3. I just love the outdoors. Getting the family outside with their hiking

   boots on and spending the day clambering the hills, is just the best.  

4. One day I will own a Motorhome (I'm in a optimistic mood!) 

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